Perfect Spot for Your Family or Romantic Vacation

Who would not want to take their fiance, girlfriend, or family on a lovely vacation on a private lake? The Malibou Lake Mountain Club is a perfect destination for anyone to organize a celebration, ceremony, or party of their dreams. If you know how to appreciate nature and you are one of the people who enjoy peace, Malibou Lake Mountain Club is a place you will undoubtedly want to have a look at! 

The Malibou Lake Mountain Club History

Thanks to the outstandingly beautiful country setting, this location is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking places for anyone to enjoy and visit. It was founded back in 1922. by George Wilson and Bertram Lackey, this club has become absolute heaven on Earth, and its popularity has been on the rise as time went on. 

The Malibou Lake Mountain Club Purpose And Event Planning

Whether you are looking for vacation advice, dating advice, or you are just looking for a beautiful secluded spot to take your loved ones to, Malibou Lake Mountain Club is a place to consider for sure! This private, secluded community can be found right in the Santa Monica Mountains, west of the beautiful Malibu and northwest of well-known Los Angeles. From weddings to birthday parties and other types of celebrations, Malibu Lake Mountain Club has been an excellent place for it all, and it continues to be as we speak. 

Upon entering the Malibou Lake Mountain Club, people usually notice two natural rock pillars that serve as a frame to the club's entrance. The rustic facade and a beautiful wide veranda in the front lead right to the clubhouse's heart, the main room. The main room is generally the most picked location of the club for people who want to make a memorable event of their needs. The area walls give out definite vibes as they are finished in a whitewashed gray wood featuring white trim. It alone is excellent as these walls can be easily matched up with any color scheme the guests decide to use. There is also a beautiful fireplace that makes the place feel very cozy and enjoyable to be in. The right side of the main room features a lawn that is surrounded by pine trees and eucalyptus. The stage located right in front of the window is mainly considered a band stage or a stage where guests can make toasts. 

Natural Beauty Of The Malibou Lake Mountain Club

Thanks to the beautiful natural decor of the club, decorating it is usually a fun thing. No matter which color schemes you pick to use, they will all blend well with the natural setting and provide you with the atmosphere of your dreams. With so much nature around you, grass fields, sparkling lakes, mountains, trees, and plants of all kinds, Malibu Lake Mountain Club is also an excellent place for people who want to organize reunions, picnics, bar mitzvahs, and a lot more!