You've said yes! Now it is time to exchange the wedding vows. All that's left is to find a cute chapel that will help you tie the knot before getting to other parts of your walk down the aisle. If you stay in Malibu, California, or you want to get married here, finding a good wedding chapel in Malibu, CA, that meets your exact needs is not exactly a walk in the park, especially when you have other things to plan, like the event ceremony and the reception party. Not to worry, here is a rundown of five top wedding chapels for any Malibu wedding.

1. Whispering Oaks Chapels

Named after the giant oak tree that stands beautifully at the chapel's front, this 5-star rated chapel is perfect for your wedding ceremony. It offers in-person visits and immediate confidential marriage licenses. Open for most of the day; the whispering oaks chapel is an affordable and elegant chapel for your weddings; Offering other added services like wedding planning, ceremonies, renewing of vows, and complete reception packages.

2. Albertson Wedding Chapel

Ranked as a and fashionable chapel in all of Los Angeles, the Albertson wedding chapel should be at the top of your list if you are looking to get married in style. Take a fashionable walk down the aisle and create your beautiful moments in this beautiful chapel. Albertson wedding chapel offers same-day marriage certificates as well, provided you have your valid ID or passport. Get married seamlessly and fashionably at the Albertson wedding chapel.

3. Belles Wedding Chapel

Are you looking for wedding venues that are organized and detailed? Belles wedding chapel has specialized in weddings for the last 31 years and counting. It is run as a family business and is rated for its organization and fast processes. If you are looking for something quick and sweet, then the Belles wedding chapel is a great pick.

4. True Love Wedding Chapel

Fall in love all over again as you walk down the aisle of the True Love wedding chapel. Blessed with a gorgeous interior, this chapel offers a whole lot more than a place to exchange your vows. The True Love wedding chapel has all you need for the perfect wedding in the bag!

5. Make It Official

When it comes to a wedding chapel that helps you bring your dreams to life, make it official ranks as a first-choice option. Bring your ideas, themes, and special events and have them incorporated into a part of your wedding ceremony. Get a personalized wedding planned and perfected for you by Make It Official Malibu wedding chapel.

Which Is The Best Wedding Chapel?

Your Malibu wedding chapel choice depends on many things like your preferences, theme, and style. The best wedding chapel for you will be based on these things. Even with that, you will find one from your list that matches your preferences.


Getting married in Malibu doesn't have to stress you out. Get a wedding chapel with suitable wedding venues in Malibu that know just what to do, or search for Malibu beach wedding chapels and have your perfect wedding ceremony all planned out in no time.