Music is the life of the party! Wedding parties especially need good music to add fun to the party. Getting good music that goes in line with the theme of your wedding, venue, and style can be problematic during your wedding planning process, especially one that your guests and attendees can groove to. Why not get an expert live band in Malibu, CA, to help handle the music and entertainment at your wedding. If you are looking to find the best live bands for your wedding in Malibu, here are the top seven live bands that would make your wedding a real bang!

Best Malibu Wedding Bands

JSH Music Productions

JSH provides live music and DJ services for all types of weddings. Are you having a wedding in any part of the state? JSH Music productions will travel down to your specific venue to offer the best services. Though based in Santa Barbara, JSH offers its services across all of Southern CA.

Phil Jeffrey and Musique Noir

Straight out from the great American song, Phil Jeffrey and Musique Noir take any wedding back when Sinatra was in the heart of every song chart. Bring the catchy jazz and swing music into your special wedding event with the Phil Jeffrey and Music Noir live band.

Groove Inc

This Los Angeles-based live band is known for its ability to bring in that spark and get everyone out on the dance floor. They are dedicated to providing all you need for music and entertainment for your wedding ceremonies. Get the best talents featuring this 7-piece party and at your wedding to cater to all your musical needs

Yari More Latin Band

Yari More y Su Orquestra is a Bolero-based band in Los Angeles that provides entertainment and music, unlike the usual live bands. They bring in a particular kind of mood and atmosphere to your wedding celebrations. Operating since 1990 with over 20 years of experience, this live band ranks at the top of the list of all wedding live bands in Malibu.

Blue Breeze Band

Looking to bring the energy and funk into your wedding ceremonies, you should get the Blue Breeze band up in that wedding venue. Bringing in fabulous, funky, and refreshing JazzBlues, music, the Blue Breeze will give your guests the time of their lives on the dance floor.

Roy Swanson

Jazz music works great for wedding ceremonies, especially when done by a live guitar band. Roy Swanson specializes in jazz and pop songs for your classy and laid-back wedding ceremonies.

Caljam Rocks

One of the top-rated live bands in Malibu when it comes to wedding ceremonies, the California Jammin live band is the life of any wedding. Bringing a comprehensive variety of music from classical to popping hits, they know how to blend in with any wedding theme and spice up your wedding events

How Much Do Wedding Bands Cost?

The cost of wedding bands most time depends on the service you want them to offer. Choosing a live band for your wedding depends on the theme, the style, and the people in attendance. Getting the best live bands in Malibu to perform at your wedding will mean considering all of these things.


The live band for your wedding should be able to raise the spirits of all in attendance. Find a live band that does this, and you’re good to go!