Though there are many cities where you can choose to host your I Dos with that special someone, however, one of the most suitable places to cement your life-long commitment with your partner is no other than Malibu. Popularly known for its beaches, Malibu is no doubt a sight to hold; however, that is not all, as they also offer a host of luxuries to suit any preference and budget for those planning their wedding. However, one fundamental question is: What does Malibu's wedding catering front look like?

One can say that Malibu wedding caterers provide various benefits., first of all, they ensure that the food and drinks, based on your preference, are of the best quality. Also, irrespective of if you choose to go with a formal plated dinner or a casual buffet, Malibu wedding caterers are sure to create a delicious menu that will leave your guests asking for more, all of which are available at the most reasonable of prices, so you don't have yourself worrying about how much wedding catering costs.

So if you are planning on having your wedding in Malibu today and you are still unsure of what catering company to hire, do not be alarmed as we have saved you precious time by researching into numerous full serving catering options, and below are our top choices.


Jennifer Naylor Catering and Special Events

Jennifer Naylor, Inc. is considered one of the best and most reliable caterers in Malibu. This chef-owned, event planning and full-service catering company is not only a suitable option for catering a Malibu wedding but as Malibu's premier caterer and having over 20 years of industry experience, they spared no effort in ensuring that they provide intensive cuisine that is bound to make your event not just unique but also a memorable one.

Silver Spoons Catering, Inc.

Since establishment in 1983, this full-service Malibu catering company has tailored their business on custom-designed menus. They specialize in catering for all kinds of events, including weddings and their services are at the most affordable of rates. What makes them different from other catering companies is that they provide some of the finest cuisines and services available to a discerning clientele. Whether you have a specific theme or food genre in mind for your big day, Silver Spoons Catering Inc. can whip up anything to ensure it becomes a reality.

Pierre Catering Company

With over 20 years of experience in the catering field, Pierre Catering company stands as one of the most suitable options for catering to your special occasion. They are knowledgeable and well experienced in giving life to any wedding event through their unique dishes and cuisines. What differentiates them from other catering companies is they work closely and carefully with their clients to execute the most spectacular and stunning presentations.

Stonefire Grill

Stonefire Grill is not like your average catering company, as they are designed to meet any couple's catering budget, plus they allow couples to sample their dishes. Stonefire Grill has something for everyone, and some of their most dishes include; marinara and pestos pasta, mashed potatoes, amongst others. What's more, is that they take into account dietary restrictions and allergies. They could not be more perfect for catering your special day as employing their services is equal to a win for everyone.

LA Roots Catering

This catering company abides by one belief that is "Though good food makes everything great, Great food, on the other hand, makes everything perfect. With over ten years in the industry, LA Roots catering has taken it upon themselves to ensure that they cater all their events to perfection. Using the most simples and locally sourced ingredients, they provide unique cuisines that are unbelievably and undeniably tasty. They offer the benefits of choosing from their menu, plus they can customize the perfect menu for your wedding event. With LA roots, you can never go wrong, as they make customer satisfaction their watchword.

So if you have any wedding event coming up in Malibu and looking for the best catering service, look no further than the options listed above, as each is guaranteed to live up to and surpass your expectations. The day you tie the knot with that special someone is supposed to be memorable, so why don't you allow them to make it just that and watch your dreams become a reality.