When executing wedding planning, the venue is one of the most important features every wedding must-have. Going for something laid back and soft, or something a little more to the funky and creative style. The proper venue will help you make your dream wedding to life. Your wedding venue does more than just sitting there and looking pretty for the photographs; wedding venues help set the mood, the theme, and the memories as well. If you are in Malibu and are in search of the top 10 wedding venues for your wedding or malibu beach wedding venues, then we have got just what you need.

Best Wedding Venues In Malibu

Malibu West Each Club

You are saying your vows on an elevated deck with the white sands of the Malibu wedding coastline and Pacific ocean right in view, natural breeze, with dolphins and seals popping out ever once a while. If you are a fan of the beautiful things mother nature offers, you would love Malibu beach wedding venues like the Malibu west beach club.

Eden Gardens

If you are looking to create your paradise with the perfect scenery and customized themes, then the Eden gardens are the place for you. From sparkling fountains to beautiful flagstone pathways, this venue comes with all you need to create the perfect setting for your special day.

Calamigos Los Angeles

Start your new life journey and take your vows while standing on the historic Griffith Park, blessed with the perfect scenery and atmosphere for the ideal wedding. Calamigos offers you a choice of 3 garden ceremony sites. You can have your pick of any of these stunning locations, each with its captivating reception venues.

My Party Production

Are you looking for all-in-one malibu wedding venues for all your events lined up for your wedding? Then my art production is a great pick. Create and live your unforgettable memories with unique themes and exquisite arrangements with my party productions

Cypress Sea Cove

Are you thinking of beach-themed or Tropicana? The Cypress Sea Cove the perfect historically themed front wedding. With a spacious lawn and graceful outer canopy, this venue is ideal for your wedding and reception.

Cielo Farms

Having your wedding might sound odd, except it is being done at the Cielo farms. This Tuscan-inspired estate offers a beautiful backdrop, panoramic views, and lush landscape make it the perfect venue for you.

Chateau De Grace

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name is just what it is. The Chateau de Grace stands in one of the most prestigious gated communities with gardens and a historic fountain with patios and pools. It makes for the perfect graceful wedding venue.

Bel Air Bey Club

We cannot help but mention one venue when thinking about your wedding venues in Malibu. The venue is the Mediterranean-style 1920’s mansion with breathtaking views of the pacific and a spectacular backdrop for the perfect pictures. Lush gardens, lapping waves, and swaying trees all add to your special moment.

Adamson House

Housing the past culture and history of Malibu, California, this intriguing property is a perfect venue for weddings between March and November.

Gianna and Company

Explore over 4000 venue options, accompanied by vineyards, mansions, private estates, and more to make it a memorable wedding.

Which Is The Best Wedding Venue?

All wedding venues in Malibu ca are unique in one way or the other. The est venue will depend on your taste and preferences at the end of the day.


Your wedding should be more than just a day you bring people together, it should be one of the most remarkable and memorable moments of your life, and it all starts with a suitable venue.